Monday, August 31, 2015


Yesterday afternoon, we were sitting out in the front talking/reading/watching the kids play. And suddenly Owen came out from the garage and rode his bike across the front lawn -- his no training wheels bike! He's had a few trial runs and some practice sessions with Jordan.  On Friday, I had tried taking him for a practice ride, but he was so wobbly that my back quickly tired from leaning over to keep him upright. So we were completely surprised that he just figured it out! This morning, Owen road his new bike on our morning walk and was just a super rider "This is fun!"

And a few other bike-riding bits:

I've been going on an early morning bike-ride with friends once a week for the last several weeks this summer. Our first few rides were the most beautiful, with the sky slowly brightening as we rode through the quiet farms and neighborhoods. Our last few rides have stayed dark till our return home, but it has still been so beautiful and refreshing and fun. (Except that I always want to turn off my alarm when it wakes me at 4:45!)

This weekend our family rode bikes downtown for a Friday night pizza dinner out. And Landon completely amazed us riding all the way up Old Main, without stopping once! (That is something I have never come close to doing!)

For a while, I'd had to stop biking because my arms were hurting too much. I'd stopped in at the bike shops here in Logan to ask for advice on changing the fit of my bike, and hadn't found any super answers. Finally after telling Jordan again about how I wanted my arms to rest just like this... he thought of just turning my handlebars around backwards. (And I have to say that I fought his idea a bit - you can't just turn the handlebars backwards, right?)  But he did it, and ta-da! I'm riding again. My steering is a bit more wobbly (or a lot more wobbly when I'm going slow + pulling Owen on the tag-along) but it improved the issue with my arms dramatically and I've been so happy to be riding again!