Monday, August 24, 2015

Wright Brothers / Small Business

First Flight image here

I woke up Friday still feeling not-so-great with a little cold/allergies/something, so Jordan took the day off work to help with the kids. (A note: Jordan has a great vacation/sick leave policy at work, but still I have a hard time asking him to take a day off unless I am completely out of commission. He convinced me this time though and I was grateful for the help and the little jobs he took care of too  -like new tires for the van!)

So while Jordan helped out with the little boys, I spent a good part of the day resting and reading The Wright Brothers, which I absolutely loved. My favorite quote from the book (by a nephew of the brothers) -- 
"History was being made in their bicycle shop and in their home, but the making was so obscured by the commonplace that I did not recognize it until may years later"
It was such a fun story of patient experimenting and researching and learning and succeeding! That night I finished it and laid in bed wondering and brainstorming about what amazing things Jordan and I could do for the history books :)  (Another note: I always love reading about the latest new startups and tech businesses and mom/family businesses. I think it would be so fun to start a (side) business with Jordan.)

Also (speaking of small businesses) I had such a fun discovery this past week. Early this summer, I bought a beautiful blanket from a cute little online shop, Little Unicorn,  after seeing a post up on SayYes . (Now based in San Francisco, I started following Liz's blog 'SayYesToHoboken' back when we took our first trip out to visit Animoto and I was looking for kid-friendly Hoboken ideas).

It was such a darling blanket, with perfect packaging so I had since bought two more for baby gifts.  Then last week, I met with some friends at the park for an end of the summer play day, and one of them mentioned the new business she and her husband had been working on. And it was Little Unicorn! What a fun surprise! (And really, their blankets are so beautiful, you should go see :)