Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Is that your little boy singing there on the roundabout?

Yesterday morning, Owen was super excited about making breakfast while I went for my morning walk. I'd stopped just a bit past the roundabout to untangle my headphones, and Owen came racing out to find me. ("So, Mom. This is what happened. I was trying to pour Landon's honey bunches of oats and the bag just kept falling out and falling out!") We came up with a solution and I reminded him to wait for me at home in case of any more breakfast making trouble. 15 minutes later, I was walking past the park on my way back home and could see little Owen up ahead standing at the roundabout. I passed our sweet neighbor and she stopped to make sure the sweetly singing little boy was mine (and not some other early riser hanging out there alone!) I got a bit closer and he raced to meet me "I waited for 29 seconds and then when I said 29 I ran to you!" Such happy little moments, I sure love this Owen.

from Ellie, instructions on how to make a rainbow twirly magic wand (and if you saw the process, you'd know these instructions were exactly right! )

Also -
This morning Landon was playing at a friends house and Ellie and Owen were downstairs playing just so wonderfully while Porter and I hung out upstairs. I was talking to Ellie later, and I told her how I guessed that Owen was really going to miss her when she was back to school - how he'd miss playing with her and learning from her and doing projects and games together with her. And this was her response -

"Well. Maybe some of the days I can make a list of some project ideas and lessons and things to play and practice and you can work on it and do those things with Owen while I'm gone!"

I sure love this little Ellie too!