Friday, July 31, 2015

Why almost 2 is my favorite age for little Porter so far

While making dinner yesterday, I got to hear this: 

Up a counter fine?
I help too?!
Okay mommy
okay Mommy I won’t 
I will
this one for?
this one for?
this one for?
Mommy do it
I try it
no like it 
all done
Wow Mommy!
I do it!
I get one
Choose this one
Sure Mommy!
all done

Also at almost 2 -

* Porter and I are sleeping better and better. And I've learned to just love so much falling asleep to his little breathing sounds beside me in his crib. And Porter is so super awesome at going to bed both for nap time and bedtime (hooray!)
* We have lots of mischief. That "up a counter?" request can be a dangerous one. (Like this morning's salt shaker emptied on the counter/floor)
 I'm treasuring these days with tiny little resting breaks with Porter - "Rest momma bed?" And our sweet morning wake-up time "Rest Momma?" when Porter climbs over to sleep/rest right with me for a few extra minutes before we're both ready to wake up. 
* We love Porter's most common little phrases. "Think so" and "this one, maybe?" and when anyone is hurt or sad, "so sorry!" with a soft touch on their face.