Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Landon time

I can remember thinking, before Landon could even walk, 'how could two such quiet/reserved/shy people have such a boisterous/friendly/outgoing son?'  And I can also remember knowing, 'this little boy is going to teach me some things.' And oh, he has! (And oh! I am still learning!!)

We celebrated Landon's birthday this week - with special Happy Birthday Landon pancakes and a break from morning jobs and dinner out and a family party + google hangout and then a day of party preparations and a big birthday party.  We took Landon and about 20 friends on a little scavenger hunt through the neighborhood then to the forest and the park for pizza and cake and play time. And it was about as wild and crazy as you would imagine 20 nine-year-old-ish kids might be. :)  And very fun too.

Oh, how this boy loves his friends and loves to feel special and loved.

A fun note: We started the party out with our neighbors splash tank - Jordan volunteered to get soaked and when I asked if he was really willing to do that, Landon overheard and quickly said "He'd do anything for his son Landon!"