Thursday, July 30, 2015

a little thing

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Last week, I was asked to bring refreshments to a class I'm attending. And all week I was thinking about it. And thinking about some of the people I've gotten to know and the struggles some of them are facing. And wishing I could do something

Our sweetest ever neighbor once made a comment in Relief Society about how whenever she had the chance to take a meal to someone, she'd pray for that food as she prepared it. She'd pray for the person or family as she was cooking and she'd pray that the food she was making would carry the love she felt for them. 

So that's what I did. I peeled and chopped veggies.  I asked Landon for help and we baked my favorite chocolate chip cookies and added in extra special mini m&m's. And I prayed for these little snacks to bring a bit of happiness. 

And they did. And it was a little thing - the littlest of things. But I felt grateful to do something at all.