Friday, July 17, 2015

A few random things for Friday

These cute boys have been great little buddies this week. Owen has gotten out of morning jobs most days by taking care of Porter (which truly is a great help, and a happy time for both boys!) 

(Here's a video w/ more cuteness from this morning :)

In my recent decluttering, I finally let go of two little plates that my family had when I was a kid - 

Actually, nope. That's what it used to look like (photo courtesy of etsy), this was ours -  Ha!

One morning in Bear Lake, a few of the cousins in charge of breakfast made an enormous buffet with pretty much every breakfast-type food you can think of. Pancakes and eggs and sausage and bacon and biscuits and gravy and bananas and cantaloupe and toast and more that I can't remember :)

So, Landon made a plan for his own breakfast feast. He got everyone's orders the night before and then worked hard with Jordan to prepare his extra-special special breakfast for everybody. 

Ellie and Landon both took two art classes at the North Logan Library a few weeks ago - a few days of watercolor painting and a few days of oil pastels, plus a fancy art show at the end to show off their great work.

There was a mix-up at Lee's about fireworks and the manager was so super nice to give Jordan and Landon a gift card (plus an in-person apology!)  to clear things up. (We sure love Lee's!) Landon got to be in charge of picking out the fireworks and he and Jordan happily led our stay-up-late firework show.