Saturday, July 4, 2015

summertime (the little things)

We've had lots of big things this summer -- here are some of the fun little things too. 

(Well, first a big thing!) Celebrating Jordan's birthday (a few days late after returning from Bear Lake) with a surprise party in the forest. (And a quickly melting Reeces ice cream cake)

School time! Hooray! The kids chose this summer's theme and we're learning about different countries around the world. We're still getting into things now that the kids are finished with their art classes and Portuguese class. But, so far we've learned about Brazil, France, India, and Afghanistan. And we're having a great time :)

can you guess what this is? Did you guess the Eiffel tower made with deli meat and cheese? (this was one of those last minute ideas that you wouldn't find on pinterest! ;) 
our garden is growing more now :) 
Working on our garden... Landon's corn and sunflowers are doing awesome. Our volunteer tomatoes are going strong too, and our zucchini and squash are still alive and will soon take off I think. I'm not sure what happened but Ellie's sunflowers and Owen's pumpkin seeds never grew (too hot? too late? too little water? I don't know!)  and of 2 full seed packets of beans we have about 4 plants growing, hmmm... 

Some backyard water play to cool off... somehow I always seem to forget about this option though. I think I'll make a plan for more water fun this month!

I bought a package of golf tees probably when Ellie was Porter's age (5 years ago or so!) after seeing this idea somewhere... the kids pulled them out one day and I finally got them started with this activity and all 4 of them had fun hammering.

The first few days of summer break Ellie and Owen (and sometimes helper Porter) were working so hard to catch a butterfly. (We finally got a butterfly net at the Bean Museum, so now maybe they will have better luck!)

A Mr. Mischief found the marshmallows set out for an evening campfire

I'm happily enjoying my morning walks. I decided at some point that right now I really love walking, so running will wait and I'll love these walks. Each morning one or two or three or four of the kids come along with me to walk or run a little or ride or bike or scooter.

And lots of play time! Fights are tricky. We're working on that. But the happily playing together times are sure wonderful. This summer the animals are the top choice, and I think it's so fun to catch little bits of the kids play.