Monday, July 20, 2015

Beautiful Brazil: Part 10

São Paulo
 There were so many beautiful things to see in Brazil. Some you had to look closely for (like the well-kept homes behind bars or walls), and some just popped out (like so many tropical flowers just above your our heads as we walked down the sidewalks).  So much green and growing and flowering. And walls covered, sometimes with scribbled graffiti, but also often with thoughtful paintings or colorful designs.  Bright beautiful buildings in bold colors, and carefully tiled mosaics...

Here are some bits and pieces of the lovely things we saw (in 1,000 pictures or less!)

Row buildings in blues and greens, black and white wall in Ibirapuera Park, this pink house! near our apartment that made me happy each time we walked by, triangle mural, street wall art, playhouse

Toy store design, colorful buildings (the white and black is "Deseret Brazil" near the temple!),  a mosaic map, mosaic steps, freeway art, subway art

Even the sidewalks were beautiful! (Sometimes  -  though also often crazily cracked and crooked :)

Bright, beautiful flowers (with photos by April)

So beautiful and interesting and strange! 

Beautiful backgrounds

So many lovely things -- I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world!