Tuesday, July 7, 2015

alone time :)

project time + a partner (unrelated today but just cute)
One evening last week, Jordan took the kids down to visit with Kathie and his Aunt Glenda (who just moved to Pleasant Grove). I needed to stay behind for a meeting that night, but since they left just after work, I had a few hours before my meeting all to myself! 

(I was just cleaning out my dresser drawers and found a yellow-ing copy of this comic someone had cut out for me a few years ago -- I'm definitely not in such a desperate place these days (her eyes! I know that feeling!),  but alone time is still a treasure! :)

So, here's what I did with my evening off -- 

1. Cleaned the kitchen
2. Tried (unsuccessfully, boo) to figure out a travel plan via frontrunner down to Utah County
3. Did an art project! (I trial run to prep for doing this with the kids)
4. Picked up the Subaru from the mechanic (yay! no frontrunner needed!)
4. Made myself a delicious taco salad and watched the beginning of a movie while I ate. 
5. Found a fun book on audible for the upcoming drive
6. Left extra early for my meeting so I'd have plenty of time to find where I needed to go, then with a few last extra minutes,  stopped at a furniture store for a quick look at couches and prices. 

Such a fun little evening to myself (Though I did of course miss my little family when I returned home to our empty house!)