Monday, April 15, 2019

back to regular life

Kathie and Winslow left this morning, and the kids waved from the front window till they drove out of sight. It was sure wonderful for them to come and watch our kiddos for us while we went to New York! I loved knowing that no matter how things were going while we were away, they would just love these kids.  They would delight in their sweet and funny moments, and they'd work through any tough moments with patience and love.

{Thank you Kathie and Winslow!!}

And now, we're back to a regular Monday. Two children happily off to school, one not-so-happily off to school, one home sick with a sore throat, and one (almost) napping. Laundry to wash, groceries to buy, a suitcase still waiting for me to finish unpacking...

There's a strange thing about these visits to New York, more than other trips we take  -- for a week or so each year or so it feels like we kind of  try on this other life - fast moving, crashingly noisy, full and contrasting, tight and close and packed in, expensive and immediate...and in almost every way so different from the dailyness of our lives here in Logan.

Kathie was reading to Ellie for a few minutes yesterday "From the Mixed up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" and I caught this line about the main character's plans to run away to New York City -- "Claudia loved the city because it was elegant; it was important and busy." I love that too!

And also, I love our own real dailyness (even if it does take a little time to settle back in). Where we make our own beds, sweep the floors, get the kids to school and read together on the couch. Where Jordan steps out the door to head in to work in the morning, and steps back in for some breathing room every once in a while when he's thinking through a tough problem or just wants to say hello. Where we look out the windows and see not the breathtaking sea of buildings, people, so many lives so close together... but the beautifully calm and sure mountains, trees, and newly green fields.

We're counting down the days to summer break around here  -- 33 1/2 school days left ;) and jumping in to soccer season (first game today!), still packing up the winter gear (the boots did have to come out from the attic again last week with some new snow)  while also getting all our bikes and scooters tuned up and ready for springtime adventures. We have junk drawers (baskets) to sort through, summer plans to brainstorm, meals to plan, library books to renew, trees to prune, grass to re-seed... here we go!