Thursday, April 25, 2019


We had a wild Spring day yesterday with a beautiful sun shining morning and early afternoon, and then a whirlwind of rain -- sun -- rain -- sun -- HAIL -- rain -- sun throughout all the rest of the day. Shortly after one of the downfalls, I picked up Porter from a friend's house by bike. All the way home, he was going out of his way to ride through the widest, deepest puddles he could find. When we stopped to pick up Ellie, he sought out more puddles. By the time we got home, he was soaked to his waste and splashed (from his back tire) up to his neck. Then he just gave up the bike and went to some giant splashing on his own!

I was making dinner last night when I went to check on something and heard water running in the (empty) bathroom... I opened the door to find about an inch of water covering the floor, and more streaming down from the sink and countertops. (We think Isaac must have been playing and left the sink with the drain stopped and the faucet on full speed...) So we had some more puddle clean up!

One hilarious bit of mischief, and one wonderfully sweet thing: 

While I mopped up the floor and cupboard drawers, etc. Isaac walked in with a smile on his face and a cup in his hand full of something thick and white that he had also obviously been drinking -- "What's that?!" I asked and he answered enthusiastically,  "The mix! I love it!" I then discovered that he had found the dumpling batter waiting to go into our soup, added plenty of water to get a more drinkable consistency, and served himself a cup-full! 

As soon as I started cleaning up the bathroom, Porter, just watching me, ran downstairs and carried up our giant laundry bin of towels waiting to be folded and jumped right in to cleaning up right along with me. It wiped away so much of my frustration to see and have his cheerful help!