Tuesday, April 30, 2019

painting & encouraging

This month, I've been joining in with a painting challenge from the woman who taught the watercolor class I took earlier this year. Today's the last day and I'm excited to finish up and share some of the little pictures I've made over the last few weeks.

One of my favorite parts of this process has been the sweet delight of my children. Isaac stood at the kitchen table yesterday, watching me paint and said with excitement "You're painting my light up shoes!" Which to me was fabulous because it meant I was painting something he could recognize! (I can still remember trying to draw a dog for a toddler-aged Landon. When he had no idea what it was, I realized I wanted to work on learning to draw just a little bit better!)

None of my little paintings have been so spectacular, though there are a few that I love and they make me really happy. But listening to my kids, you would think I was ready for a grand exhibit!  It has been such sweet encouragement to hear their comments all along the way. "Wow!" "How did you make that?!" "You are like the best artist in the world!" "I wish I could paint like that!" (I wish I could paint like any number of lovely artists I admire!)

It has just been so fun to share my little work with them and have such excitement and kind encouragement!