Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Springtime Adventures

Jordan has been excited to be outside and adventuring again with these warm Spring days. Yesterday he took these boys on what was going to be a hike, but ended up being a happy afternoon of cave exploring and rock tower building.

This weekend one evening (picture above), he took most of the kids on a bike ride/run downtown to pick up sandwiches and KFC and then back up to Jamba Juice where I drove to meet them for dinner and smoothies and took a few kids back home. The other day they ran to Aggie ice cream (with just 4 stops to rest!) I was a little worried about maybe pushing them too hard, but Porter was leading the way on their run, and Owen has since been asking to go for another run! (And not even just for the Aggie ice cream "we could, but anywhere would be fun!)

Hooray for these lovely Spring days and Jordan's fun adventure plans!