Tuesday, April 16, 2019

just a silly lego pic

Sometimes (often) when I'm not sure what to write about, I'll just skim through the pictures on my phone till I find one that I'd like to remember the moment of better or that seems fun to share. Today I found this most-serious Lego music group picture that Landon must have taken :)  I love knowing how carefully each guy/accessory/hair-do was probably chosen to create this funny little band.

On a trip to New York several years ago we discovered the lego stores 'build-your-own-mini-figure' and this has become the go-to souvenir.  Jordan and I had fun this time standing around the little carousel on our own, sorting through silly and serious faces, hats, shirts, pants and accessories to pick out guys to bring back for each of the kids when we returned.

Owen also got a lego set for his birthday (mostly a new thing for him though he's watched Landon and Ellie loving legos for quite a while). This weekend he was looking at all the other cool sets online, and he came home from school yesterday and jumped right in to washing windows and folding towels to earn some extra lego money :)