Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Soccer Time

We're back in to soccer season! The first Fall that Landon played was right after Porter was born, and his games and practices were all at Lundstrom Park so I'd just walk across the street, set up my chair, and hold tiny little Porter while I enjoyed the beautiful Fall days and watching Landon play and learn.

We've since had a lot more seasons with games and practices for the boys from one end of the valley to the other (a nice way to see some parts of Cache Valley we haven't yet had a reason to visit!) It's so fun for me to watch them play and I still also love the time to just spend outside and enjoy this lovely place we live (those mountains!)

On our way out the door yesterday, Owen was asking me a question about his past game (how many goals did each team get I think) and when I didn't know the answer, he followed up with (kindly) 'Do you think you could watch the field a little more this time and your book a little less?' Ha :) I'd actually been listening to an audiobook and when I told him that I'd been watching the whole time, he said, "But maybe you were paying like 75% attention to the game and 25% attention to the book?" Fair enough :) It's a sweet feeling to know it matters to these kiddos that I see and really notice the good things they do.