Thursday, April 18, 2019

Haiku Day!

Yesterday morning, my sister sent a text to celebrate National Haiku Day (did you know that was a thing ;) -- "Here's the challenge: share a Haiku that describers or expresses your day or week, or feelings or whatever you want :)"

And it turned out to be such a fun way to connect with my siblings throughout the day -- sharing little bits of our day in 3 lines (5-7-5), and getting to hear little bits about all of their days too!

Here are a few of our silly haikus from the day  --

I love to listen
While I do my morning jobs
To the boys playing

I think that a walk
will be just the perfect thing
to brighten the day

Dino-nugget lunch,
On my way to help at school
In the boys' classes

J and kids at home
Dinner to go with Owen
from scouts to soccer

(From Landon)

I have a question
Mom won't approve my haikus
What do I do now?

(Ha -- he'd gotten in trouble about something, so he had written a few haikus about the meanness of his mother...and although I didn't share those, I realized it might actually be a pretty good practice -turning all those frustrated, mad feelings into just the 17 syllables of a haiku... maybe next time instead of 'go to your room' I can try 'go write a haiku'! (not really) (but maybe?)

(also from Landon, who has been excited to be listening to some new music lately :)

Bon Jovi is good
But is incomparable
to Journey or Queen

Ellie also had a long series of haikus all about a plot against her brother that she kept passing me on slips of paper, trying to look a little mischievous each time but having a hard time not smiling when I laughed at each's one of the last -

I was right, she laughed
But I laughed a little too
'Cause it was funny.

Really it was just such a fun way to connect throughout the day, and I'm excited to try again next year!