Friday, April 26, 2019

Bring your kids to work day

As the kids were getting ready for school yesterday morning, Landon heard on the radio that it was "National take your child to work day". Of course, when he mentioned this to the other kids they all thought it was a fabulous idea (quite possibly with a feeling something like 'A day off school? whatever it is, yes!')

Jordan was in meetings for the morning so the kids all did head to school, but when he had a break in his schedule Porter made the proposal.  It turned out that TPT had scheduled some in-office activities around the day, so it worked out great for Jordan to take some time also at home for his own version of bring your kids to work day.

We checked out the kids from school and they all got a lesson on what Jordan actually does for work.  Owen was really interested in understanding all this a little better. By kindergarten time, Landon was ready to head back to school and we guessed Porter would soon get a little bored (he assured me after school he would have loved to stay, whoops!)

For the afternoon, Jordan sat between Ellie and Owen (and worked through the actual work of the day :) while they worked away at their own programming lessons and challenges. Ellie loved this and was super excited to show me the programs she was creating.

It was a fun day for these kiddos and for Jordan too!