Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Welcome Spring...and real life too.

Yesterday I wrote about our welcome to Spring Break -- with swings and tree climbing and happy playing...

And we did have all those happy moments.

And also we had just one of those hard days with morning to night arguing, fighting, complaining...
with lots of "MOMMMMM! _______ is ________!"  and some "Please ___________" followed by different versions of "Why do you hate me!?"

Last night and this morning as I prayed for help and for what I could do better, my only thought was to speak softly. (Except, in my mind it was more like an emphatically repeated "SPEAK SOFTLY!" Ha :)

And we've had a much better day. Much, much, much (so far! fingers crossed!) better.

Jordan stepped inside for a few minutes and I told him about my efforts to speak softly and how much better things were going ,(I thought all the kids were downstairs) and Landon called in from the other room "Yeah! You are doing great with that today!"

Isn't it great that we can always try again?