Thursday, April 23, 2015

A perfect moment

Another happy couple of minutes from a few weeks ago - with a spontaneous color mixing/milk and soap experiment
I just want to remember this nearly perfect moment from this afternoon:

I'd just gotten Porter to bed for a nap (and it was definitely one of those days when both Porter and I were looking forward to his nap time ;) and I was fixing a spinach salad for Jordan and me while Ellie and Owen ate their yogurt and toast lunch. I'd been singing Porter's nap time song to myself while I mixed everything together, "You are my Sunshine" and Owen asked me to sing it again and again.

Then, as I finished the first verse once more, he stopped me from his spot at the far side of the table with such sweetness,

 "Mom? I love you a hundred!!"

And then lunch finished up with Ellie and Owen happily outdoing each other. "I love you a thousand!" "I love you a trillion!" "I love you a trillion trillion!" "I love you a trillion plus a trillion plus a trillion...actually plus a trillion... I love you four trillion!!"