Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Morning Routine

Out the door, on the way to school

One of the (many) things that has changed in the last few months, that has made life smoother and happier, is that I've finally managed to get a morning routine down that works. I've thought about this a lot and felt so grateful for it, and I was just reminded this past week of how much it helps me. I had been reading a super fun book, and after I got the kids off to school one morning, I had the thought of just getting Owen and Porter settled somehow and then curling up to read and read.  But,  I couldn't do it! And I felt so grateful to have finally gotten this morning routine in place.

(However, I've also found that much like getting back into running, even though my morning jobs, etc. are a great routine that I know I'm going to do (and really want to do), sometimes it is still really hard to tackle these same things again and again!)

And I still need to figure out a better breakfast making routine to help little Porter out. Now that he's really too big to hold while I fix breakfast, he's either clinging to my legs with desperate cries of "up! up! counter!" or sitting up on the counter helping/throwing breakfast ingredients on the floor :) I think I need to better enlist the help of Landon and Ellie for this time to help us have a little more peace for those few morning minutes. We'll see how it goes!