Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March Meal Plan & Treat Plan Updates

Treat plan:

In March I felt again like hooray for a treat plan! March was busy though, so our 'make any treats we eat' rule seemed tough - and on a few busy weekends we just skipped our dessert night because we forgot to make plans for what we'd make (and the kids didn't even seem to mind, which I couldn't believe!) I'm so happy to be eating so much less sugar, and I've also had so much fun experimenting with new ways to do the baking I love (more nutritiously).

Meal plan:

Yay! Our little calendar up on the fridge did just the trick to make our meal plan work this month. And, oh I sure think it's great! A great part about this is we've been able to figure out even better ways to make the meals we like the most. For example, this month we used our favorite black bean recipe (that we discovered in February) for our beans and rice night, and also started serving it with pan-fried kale which Jordan and I both liked so much (the kids, not so much). We haven't taken time to come up with a new April plan, but I think we had enough variety from Spring break that we'll just stick with our March plan and make it super easy on ourselves.