Friday, April 24, 2015

Reading again!

I've been so happy to be taking time to read more again lately. Here are a few from the last little while, with my thoughts, in 10 words or less :)

Remember to listen and notice and cherish and love

On being really and truly kind (I loved the audio)

Second chances and starting over and one more perspective

Basic stuff, but a reminder that I like money basics. 

Loved reading with Jordan, even accidentally out of order! 

A Landon recommendation, on serving and loving where we are.

Using your resources to match your priorities

Building a friendship, and imagining a life with no memory

A fun 'what will happen next' story

On kindness and learning and wanting life to be better. 

I read it finally and was surprised to love it.

Always nice to know other moms feel this way :)

Protect that recess time,  and the importance of excellent teachers

I loved it, loved feeling what she felt.