Monday, April 27, 2015

Leader Nights

Last week was a super busy week (for us -- we tend to keep our calendar pretty clear, so to have more than one thing on most days of the week felt super busy!) One of the fun activities going on was the kids Leader nights. (Grandma was visiting so she got to come too!)  The kids all sang a few songs with their grades (which is always sweet), and they had some fun displays up in the library where many of the students told about the great things they'd done this year.

And my favorite part was a wax museum they did to start the night. The kids dressed up as someone they thought was a great leader (mostly famous people from history, though Landon dressed up as Principal Warkworth :) They did such a great job and it was just super fun to see their costumes and hear the parts they'd practiced to tell about their characters. I love the good things happening at our school!