Friday, April 17, 2015

Snow! (And what a difference a day makes)

We had a great big Spring snow storm this week -- it started Tuesday evening, and then all through the night and  through the next day, it just snowed and snowed and snowed (We measured about a foot on top of our picnic table!)   But then the next day was so warm and beautiful, and all that snow just melted away.  On our morning walk, every tree was shaking off little bits of snow all along our little route, though several still had branches, heavy with blossoms and snow, hanging nearly to the ground. And all through the day, each time we stepped outside we just heard that drip, drip, dripping sound.
Wednesday afternoon/Thursday afternoon (and now on Friday afternoon, it is bright and beautiful with just a few little patches of snow remaining)
Even though the snow was only here for about 24 hours, Jordan still managed to get in two sledding trips with the kids. He took all of them the first evening, but they had a rough time with Jordan trying to manage everyone along with some missing boots and gloves...  He gave it another try though with just Porter and Owen and they had a super fun lunch break sledding trip.