Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break

Thanks to a last minute canceled flight, we got to spend an extra few days in California for the kids' Spring Break, and today we're just getting back into our regular routines. Despite a flu bug that slowly (but surely) made its way around, we still managed to get our visa applications taken care of, celebrate Owen's birthday,  and spend lots of time visiting and playing and reading and enjoying the beautiful days.  This was a working vacation for Jordan, but with the Pacific time schedule, he was able to work an hour earlier and finish up a full working day not long after nap times ended. (So we had lots of time to play!)

Some highlights:

+ Playing in the front yard. Watching the kids run and play and climb their favorite tree.

+ A picnic at Del Val with a beautiful drive to and from through some gorgeous Spring green hills. (And Kathie was amazing to get everything prepared! Early in the afternoon, Jordan suggested a big adventure out there and by the time he got off work, she had everything ready to go!)

+  Playing tennis baseball out in the court with the kids and Jordan and Winslow

+ A morning walk with Kathie and her good friend

+ Attending the General Women's meeting with Kathie and April (plus an extra fun trip afterwards to get a treat :)

+  Reading lots of great books!

+ Just barely getting our visa applications in to San Francisco (where everything went smoothly - hooray!) before Jordan and I both collapsed (sick) for the rest of day while Kathie and Winslow so lovingly took care of all the kids for us!

+ Beautiful pink flowers in bloom everywhere

+ Foot golf with April for Jordan and Landon

+ A family home evening/ birthday party celebration for Owen. The kids favorite part I think was using the little Stop, Go, Hum, Whistle signs to sing the songs. (And Owen was super excited about a present of counting bears from Grammie as well as his purple elephant cake!)