Thursday, April 9, 2015

Train Bike II

Last year we finally found the perfect bike set up for our family's around town adventures -  A 'train bike' for Jordan (his bike + a tag-along for Landon + the trailer with the little boys) and a smaller train for me (my new electric bike + a tag-along for Ellie).

Last month though, on one of our extra warm early Spring weekends,  Jordan decided to give me an afternoon to myself and managed to take all the kids out on one extra long train bike. First he took the kids on a test ride around the round-a-bout, then up and down the street, then around the block. And what a site to see! (Even more so with Landon and Jordan in their matching buddies Bonobos shirts!)

Everyone felt safe and sound so off they went on a trip downtown. I had a few minutes for a quick shopping trip (by car) and we met for a Friday night dinner out. Jordan even managed to make it back home up the hills with just a little help from Landon and his super power boosts.

 Landon's suggestion for our next big adventure is to swap Jordan's bike for a tandem and see if our whole family can ride together, but I think I am not quite brave enough to handle the wiggles and jostles of all those riders!