Thursday, April 30, 2015

One more step

watercolor map of Brazil here
Hooray for one more important check mark! This was a pretty research-intensive step -  We had to do at least a little bit of planning of 'what we want to do' just so that we didn't end up choosing housing that was super far from everything. We wanted to find places where all nine of us could be as together as possible. And since it's a new place for all of us, we had to just rely on reviews from other travelers (often in Portuguese!),  google street views, and whatever other info we could find online... to get a feel for what each neighborhood and each hotel or house was like. Then we had a bit of back  and forth (and thank goodness for Jordan's great Portuguese!) to get all of the details arranged for each place.  Now we're just crossing our fingers that everything works out and that we chose well!

{We'll spend a week and a half (minus travel days) at an apartment hotel in Sao Paulo exploring the big city with a day trip for some of us up to Rio. Then a week and half (minus travel days) at a rental home in Florianopolis to get a feel for a more relaxed, vacation-y part of Brazil.}