Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Flowers for the Kitchen

The kids have had a set of finger paints waiting to be used since last Christmas, and we finally found the perfect project for them.  When we took down our Valentine's things, I was missing the bright color on that big kitchen wall, so we decided to make some big Spring flowers to brighten up our kitchen for a while. We gathered up odds and ends from around the house and experimented with different painting techniques (q-tips, a toothbrush, scrunched up plastic wrap and aluminum foil, jars and lids, an empty box and cardboard tube, and a little finger painting too)

All the big kids helped cut the painted posterboards into petal shapes. (We cut them into strips then I drew a 2 second petal outline on the back of each one for them to follow). Then we glued them together (glue sticks worked better than the white glue above) into colorful bright flowers.

And they turned out beautifully! We just stuck them up along the top of the wall with some painters tape, and now we get to see little bursts of Springtime color each time we go into the kitchen. Such a happy, fun-to-do project.

{We've had snow, snow, snow since yesterday evening, so while we're having our happy Springtime inside, it is a beautiful winter wonderland outside today!)