Tuesday, September 15, 2015


"happiest afternoon" from a year or so ago :) 

This weekend, our ward had a dinner party to celebrate 100 years of Family Home Evening. I was helping out with a little primary musical number and was asked to lead everyone in the closing song "The Family is of God". As we sang about 'a father's role', I looked out and saw one of the Dad's in the ward tossing his little girl up in the air with delight. Then as we sang about ' a mother's purpose', I looked around and saw a sweet mom, just surrounded happily by her little ones + teenagers. It was a sweet moment to see in action the truth of those words, and think of what a gift a strong and loving family is.

 I've thought a lot these last few days of just how lucky my children are to have each other. They fight, of course. I wish there was a magic cure for that. But they help each other and love each other and I love to see those little moments -- Landon and Owen being "super mario bro workers", Ellie reading to Owen at bedtime, or any of the kids playing with or laughing with little Porter. I love these kiddos and I'm so happy they have each other!