Wednesday, September 9, 2015

special breakfast

Labor Day morning we set out to pick up ingredients for a fun breakfast by bike. An hour (or more) later we were finally on our way! We had little bike repairs to be made (a new inner tube, seat adjustments, handle-bar straightening...) Also,  all of a sudden it had gotten cold! We kept taking trips back inside to search through the winter boxes for one more thing - thicker gloves for Owen, a scarf for Ellie, ear warmers...) But at last we made it on our way!

And we had a great ride downtown with stops at Lee's (for orange juice and hash browns) and Lowe's (for better swing attachment supplies) and Kneaders (for their special cinnamon bread). Then back home again and we made a delicious french toast breakfast.  While we worked on breakfast, Landon set the table and made it just as fancy as he could. Glasses with straws, our fanciest table cloth, even little cups of whip cream and strawberries for each person, just like at the restaurant :) Landon sure has a talent for making things special and fun.

It took us until about 11:00 to sit down to breakfast, but it was sure a sweet and happy meal to prepare!