Thursday, September 17, 2015

yesterday, today, tomorrow

"take a picture with me next to the pumpkin!"
YESTERDAY (a few things)

- We got new couches! Which meant our old couches headed downstairs to the basement room. Which meant that I spent all morning arranging and rearranging couches and bookcases and a super heavy dress-up clothes dresser until my arms were like Jello (but a sore, muscles-aching kind of Jello) and I couldn't move a single thing another inch. Which meant that our basement room was left in a complete jumble until Jordan saved the day and got everything arranged just right.

- Landon's soccer game was canceled (maybe a flooded field with all this rain?!) so instead the kids and I met some friends at Whittier Park (a new favorite playground).

- I gave up on my awesome quilt idea. (boo.) I had in mind a nice flat/thin quilt, but the combination of the thick (but so cute!) flannel + lots of seams combining all the pieces + not perfectly measured or cut or sewn triangles was equalling kind of a lumpy thick messy top.

- I got started with a new awesome quilt idea. (yay!) I've had this beautiful quilt on my mind for a while and I decided to try something similar. So I designed my own triangle fabric and got it ordered and now I'm crossing my fingers that my second try will be more successful than my first!

TODAY (a few things)

- I went grocery shopping with the little boys this morning, which I love. And we bought a pumpkin (above), even though it's not October.

- I almost slacked off from my morning walk. But we returned from grocery shopping and the air was so fresh and cool outside, and inside our heater had kicked in (which I love on snowy days in December, but don't love with it's first few starts in the Fall when it still smells like a heater...). So off we went, and what a beautiful Fall morning walk we had.

- I made Cluff rolls and mini cheesecakes for my last NAMI class tonight. (Do you want to know more about family-to-family? I'd be happy to tell you! :)

- Jordan and I are going on a date tonight (with a babysitter and everything!) We're going to go and walk through a few houses in the parade of homes - I'm excited!

- And I'm excited for homework time (!) We've found a great routine this week. The little boys watch Caillou  and we set a timer so Ellie and Landon each get 20 minutes of focused Mom time. And it's super fun for me. Ellie's excited to finish her book about Hurricanes and Landon is having fun showing off/practicing his math skills.

TOMORROW (a few things)

- Our calendar is mostly clear! There was a time when I worked hard to try to fit one thing on my calendar each day (when Landon was a baby/toddler). Now I'm always so excited to have a clear or mostly clear day!

- Jordan is going camping in Green Canyon with the scouts (His first camp out as a leader!)  And I'm planning on a movie party with the kids to celebrate our new and improved basement family room.

- And we'll see what else the day brings!