Tuesday, September 8, 2015

the train bike / how Porter was mobbed by a dozen kindergarteners :)

A Green Canyon ride last summer
When I go to pick up the kids from school, I'll usually wait for Ellie out near where the kindergarteners are waiting for their bus. Since I'm riding the train bike (my electric bike + a tag-along + a trailer), kids will often stop to check it out "I've never seen a bike like that before!"  For a couple of days, there were also two little boys that would peak in to say hello to Porter in the trailer, which was pretty cute.

On Friday though, those two little boys came over to look in at Porter "There's a baby in there! Look at the cute baby in there!"  And then pretty soon there were three, then four kindergarteners trying to catch a look from Porter. Then five, then six...  Ellie arrived and I went to open up the trailer so she could hop in, and suddenly there were seven, eight, nine... a full crowd of bus-waiting kindergarteners just dying to see inside and look at this "cute baby"! And sleepy little Porter, still waking up from his nap at home just stared out at everyone,  totally unsure of what all this fuss could be about. Ellie stood back by me at my bike (where I was holding it up since it's pretty topply on it's own and much more so when swarmed by little ones!) With so many kids circling the trailer, Ellie didn't quite know what to do or how to make her way to her spot. And Owen meanwhile had just been watching the growing scene in surprise, especially when a few of the kindergarteners started taking turns in his spot on the train bike!

I finally decided we better go before one of my three wide-eyed children turned from surprised to worried so I kindly sent everyone a few steps back and off we went -- phewph! Such a funny after school pick-up day!