Monday, September 21, 2015

Piano Lessons (here we go!)

Just turned two Landon playing the piano
I'm finally starting piano lessons with Ellie and Landon this afternoon. The plan was always to start teaching them when Landon was about 5 or 6... but it just hasn't happened yet. Till now! A girl from the ward is going to come over every Monday to watch and play with Owen and Porter while Ellie and Landon each have their piano lessons with me. And I'm excited. Even though I taught piano for a year or two, it has been long enough that I've felt so nervous about getting started (I just can't seem to remember what/how I taught then!)But I put together little practice books for the kids yesterday, and reviewed the first lesson last week, so we'll see how it all goes!

And a few fun piano lesson memories from when Landon was a toddler:

I taught one little girl (7/8) who came one day and was so excited and flustered. "I haven't been able to sleep all week!" she said. Followed by (something like) Halloween is in 2 weeks and my cousins are visiting next week and my birthday is in 16 days!!!"

Little Landon (at one-year-old) loved this Emma. One of his first spontaneous words was out in our front yard, watching her leave to head back home after piano lessons, and he cried out "Emma!!"

I taught three little 5 year old boys. One of them would wait on the couch while I taught his sister and I'd often glance over in the living room to see him standing on his head on the couch with his feet flopped over the back. (Good preparation for when my own boys got to be that age!)

I taught one teenager from our ward, and it was so fun to learn along with her. I'd never learned any kind of technique, so I was usually just a week ahead of her - studying the lesson throughout the week so that I could learn the material well enough to teach her when lesson time came!