Friday, September 11, 2015

Owen/Ellie school

One evening last week I came home from an errand right around bedtime, and I found this little set up of Ellie's favorite animals lined up with Owen at the fireplace. To my question of what they were doing, Ellie answered with teacher-authority from the couch "we're having school!" (And although Owen looks a little sad above, that was really a face of serious focus I think :) When I suggested it was jammie time, they quickly wrapped things up. From Ellie to Owen  "let's just pretend it's the end of the school day "Okay class it's time to get ready to go home..."

Ellie loves making homework for Owen and helping/encouraging him through it. He finished his Ellie-made math page and Ellie came to show me and celebrate what a great job he'd done. (Owen loves this too, and takes his assignments pretty seriously)

One day this week as we went through Ellie's homework, she had some sight word cards to cut out and practice, but they were words she had mastered so I asked if she wanted me to toss them. Right away, her response was "Keep it - I'll use them with Owen." I love that without even thinking about it she was getting ready for a future Owen/Ellie school time lesson.

Also, Owen and I have been doing some fun preschool time activities. We're still getting into the swing of things and figuring out our routines. But so far, we've set aside 15-30 minutes just after quiet time and before Porter wakes up and we go pick up the big kids from school.  We do some little activity to practice counting or adding or letter matching or sounds. Letter and number puzzles or blocks or quickly drawn up games. It's been perfect so far and Owen is starting to really look forward to our little preschool time together.

Landon and Ellie had an early out day from school today. We finished up lunch/after school snack then Porter went to nap,  Landon raced off to play with a friend and Ellie and Owen were excited to head downstairs for together quiet time. Four happy children.