Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jane Eyre + piano bench train time

This morning, we rode with the big kids to school, went for our walk/Owen bike ride,  then came home to do our morning jobs. We finished up, had our morning snack,  and then before I turned on 'Jake-a-pirates' and  hopped in the shower, I sat down to read for  'just a few minutes'.  (I realized earlier this week that I hadn't yet started Jane Eyre and our book group was meeting on Friday - I finally got a kindle version just before Landon's soccer game last night and read for a few minutes while they warmed up, but I still have a long way to go!)

So I thought I was sitting down to read a few pages or so, but  then I got to read all the way till lunch! These boys just played and played and played. I got up every once in a while to check out a cool trick or creation or help with sharing, etc. But Porter and Owen just had a fun morning -- an uno card game, dominos, houses made of books, a piano bench train (above), cars... I was so happily surprised at their happy play!

I obviously love playing/working/reading with these kiddos, but it was fun for one day to stay in my pjs reading a good book through the morning too!