Thursday, October 8, 2015

apple stand

Last week Ellie and Owen had an apple stand. They carried our worn little blue and yellow kids table to the front yard with its two red chairs, and set out the best apples they could find in a neat row across the table. And to any visitors (they had two,  hooray!) they offered a free apple.

I was out and missed the apple stand adventure, but the next day I was out on a walk and saw this darling sign (above) on the corner in our neighbors lawn.

And my favorite part of all was when our neighbor's son was out mowing and edging their lawn, he just left this little sign in it's place!

Also,  we have little friend around the corner who often rides his bike by or stops to say hello.  So with the 'apples'  sign still posted on the corner, he knocked on the door to ask "how much does it cost for an apple?" and then was so excited to pick one out plus one for his sister. (And I love that he knew exactly what this table sitting out with a row of apples was all about! :)