Monday, October 12, 2015

pics from Owen

Every once in a while, I'll find my camera roll with rows and rows of pictures of carpet, or toes, or light fixtures, blankets...  But today I found a great little collection that Owen made during quiet time with lots of my recent basement projects. And they looked so fun and colorful and happy from an Owen point-of-view that I thought I'd share. :)

(above - I wanted to make an "I love my family" picture for years but couldn't ever decide just how to make it. And then I finally just sat down one evening while Jordan was out of town and started cutting out letters and ta-da! :) And I love the rainbow circles back behind it too, these are just waiting for a new home on the wall with the basement switch around)

 A recent painting project above the fireplace -- that I love, except that I can't actually look at it or my eyes go all crazy seeing the little grey dots/squares at every intersection... I didn't anticipate that! Not sure what the fate of that project will be...

 We moved around our couches and bookshelves into every set up we could think of in the basement room and finally found something we like for now. I loved the idea of a somewhat hidden reading nook, but so far the kids haven't tried it out much.  Still this arrangement with the couches and shelves makes a a fun little play place for Owen during quiet time and a cozy morning scripture study place for Jordan and Landon.

It looks crazy here, but that colorful little banner above really is cute. :) It was a paint chip quiet-time project and I love it!

And a happy little set up from Landon. He got some tiny animal toys from the library as reading prizes and he came home so excited to play with them. I've forgotten the details already but this scene had some great imagination built in!