Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Porter's words

We were watching some family movies a few days ago from when Landon was just turning three. I loved hearing myself say to him in one movie "Should we go check and see?" And remembering how "check and see" was just one of Landon's favorite little phrases.

And since 2-year-old phrases are just the cutest ever, here's a few I want to remember from little Porter recently.

For a few weeks, everything that Porter saw that he wanted brought this -- "That's mine - bought it in California!" (I have no idea where this came from, but in his little Porter voice, it was darling :)

He's growing out of this :( but he still sometimes slips back and I love it, where  "I" or "my" is instead "mine" so he'll say things like "Mine do it!" or "Mine want to!"

"Up a counker  (counter) fine?"

"Rest a binky Momma?" (meaning "can you hold me on your bed while I rest with my binky? I love this -- and I love that it's so much like 2-year-old Landon's "pull fuzz with me?" where we'd rest on his bed and he'd get his binky and pull fuzz from his little blue blanket)

"Okay, I won't." His sweet reply when he gets into trouble/mischief, said so sincerely and sweetly!

"Play swing?"

And a favorite, in response to an "I love you Porter"  "I love you TOO!"