Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Provo house progress

Whenever we are down in Provo, we try to drive past our old Provo house to see what progress has been made toward its final parking lot future. (Even though Landon as now spent more of his life here in Logan, this is still heart breaking for him so he closes his eyes in the backseat - poor guy!)  

For a long time it was just a dirt field, but the last few trips we've seen some work happening. 

That fire hydrant is the only thing still standing from our time there. (This space was once three houses - ours on the corner and one more on each side).

And a funny little story -- the great big house just past the parking lot (lovingly called 'the barn') was built by our neighbors. When they started to make plans for a potential sale, they determined they could purchase an empty lot around the corner and MOVE their house. (!) I don't know why it worked out for the church to just expand the parking on either side, but that's how they ended up doing it and the barn avoided a tricky move!

And to help ease the angst for Landon, we also drove around the corner to the other side of the church  to show him our duplex where we lived when he was born --

Oh that sweet little cul-de-sac! And then across the street to the little blue house where Jordan and I lived for just a few months when we were first married --

Friends came over one Monday night for FHE, just before our wedding, and helped us take down the fence, clean up the weeds, and tame the bushes and trees. And I felt so loved!

With three houses within about a block of each other, you know we really liked this little neighborhood!