Wednesday, October 28, 2015

pumpkin patch wall

Years ago when Jordan was traveling to New York at Christmas time, the kids and I worked all week on filling up a little box full of stars by writing down great things we were doing to help each other and take care of each other while Jordan was gone. Then we gave it to Jordan as an early Christmas present when he came home. I think that was the beginning of the tradition, and since then we have done lots of variations of the same thing. Last Fall we had a tree that we slowly filled with leaves. We've had hearts covering our kitchen wall and shamrocks I think, and a game board path we tried to complete. And last week we had this cute pumpkin patch :)

This has been such a great activity for us. I have a hard time when Jordan's gone (although with his two week trip in the Spring,  this five day trip felt a lot easier!) But this helps me, and all the kids too, to focus on all the great things that are happening and to notice and point out all the good things. And I love that the kids quickly get into this and love to catch each other doing great things that they can put a pumpkin (or whatever the theme is) up for.

And these are little things.
Owen sang a beautiful bedtime song for Porter. 
Ellie helped get everything ready for the movie party. 
Landon said "let's be nice to Ellie" 
Porter and Owen played nicely together
The kids all did fantastic at bed time

But writing them down and celebrating them helps to encourage more and more little things to celebrate.