Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ellie wrote a song / Piano lesson hoorays

I have been loving piano lessons with the kids so much. I'm loving to teach Landon and Ellie and make up fun little practicing games for them. I love their excitement to pass off a new song they've mastered. (And I've been so pleased with how hard Landon works to master his songs and keep moving forward so quickly). I love clapping and counting the rhythms with them or tapping along on the edge of the piano as their metronome. For the longest time I felt like I wanted to and even more felt like I should be getting started with teaching them lessons. Now that I finally am, I'm just so happy and surprised with how it's really just so fun.

An unexpected part of it has been the happy piano sounds filling our home! It is so fun listening to Landon and Ellie practice their little songs. And maybe even more fun is hearing them just playing around - making up tunes, trying out the organ sound or the bells. More than every before they're sitting down at the piano just for fun and I just love it so much.  This week in our piano lesson, Landon played a Halloween song he'd made up with the lowest low notes. And Ellie was so excited one day "I'm going to write a song!" And she did and it was as sweet and as can be!