Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Break

We had a fun low-key Fall Break this year. For a few days, we stayed home and played with friends a bit, played Monopoly (even me!), made pumpkin muffins, played in the leaves and picked raspberries. Landon read his next Harry Potter book, Ellie did art projects... just happy little things.

Then we spent Friday/Saturday down in Provo. We had a fun Brazilian lunch in Salt Lake and visited the Museum of Curiosity for the first time. (It was super cool, and also super crazy with all of the other Fall Break families!) Then a spaghetti dinner with family to finish a full day. Saturday we attended the sealing for my cousin Paul at the new Payson temple, and it was beautiful. The rest of the day was filled with wedding activities and then a late evening drive home.

A few highlights:

I loved seeing two of my cousins, about my age, both expecting their first baby in the next month or two. They are two wonderful women who are so excited to be mothers, and it was just so fun to remember that unique joy of brand new motherhood.

My cousin Paul loves family history. On each table at the wedding luncheon they had a beautiful copy of a family tree of he and his new wife. It was so fitting for his interest, and also such a concrete reminder of what these two were beginning! I'm just barely getting started into some family history work and although I haven't set aside enough time yet, I am feeling really excited already to learn and do more.

I love the sweet reminders of weddings.  One of my most precious memories is of my wedding day and of the love I felt from Jordan and also from so many people - who had been so important to me throughout my life - all there to celebrate with us. Aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins and parents and brothers and sisters and roommates and wonderful friends. And then even past teachers, co-workers, families I'd babysat for or tutored... I've been so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and it was great to be reminded of all that again.