Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Our beautiful volunteer tomato plants that motivated me to plant all the rest of our garden have been sadly neglected these last few weeks. We have some near freezing lows this week though, so I finally went out yesterday with the kids and picked all the ripe fruit. And it was a lot! I thought I'd make a batch of spaghetti sauce to freeze and use them all up. But I made a double batch (with 12 cups of diced tomatoes) and still had at least twice that amount left over!

So back to the store for peppers and onions again this morning and I (with the help of these two sweet boys!) made another double batch. (So we have at least 15 dinners of pasta sauce ready to go...) Then I packed up two baking sheets full of frozen diced tomatoes into two giant ziplocs and phewph! the tomatoes were gone :)

there was no room in our inside or outside freezer to put any of this! And one of the kids had left the outside freezer open overnight...

So in between stirring and checking on the bubbling spaghetti sauce, I cleaned out both freezers, tried to chip away some of the ice outside and just managed to find space for everything to fit back in.

We still have two varieties of apples waiting to be picked on the tree though. (More apple chips? apple sauce? Smoothie apples? Apple pie?)  So either I'm going to have to actually learn to can or we are really going to have to get that larger freezer we've been thinking about!