Friday, October 2, 2015

love love love / soccer

warm-ups one day

Landon's team did a great job at their soccer game yesterday. I think they still haven't won any games ( or maybe one?),  and I think that's just fine. It's been so fun to watch them practice and learn and improve. In the last five minutes last night, all the parents around me were up on their feet, stepping up closer and closer to the field, holding their breath watching their boys as they suddenly just really took off. It was really just a super fun game to watch. And I've loved seeing Landon getting better and better.

Even more though, I loved this moment above, sometime in the second half. The boys on the field were working hard, playing well, and maybe or maybe not listening to their parents directions and tips and sometimes frustrations from the sidelines. And I looked over to see Landon with his friends, just so perfectly happy.  And I felt just so filled up with love for this boy of mine. Who loves to play and run and work hard and is proud to ask every once in a while "did you see when I...?" And who just as much loves to sit and watch and talk and play with his friends from the side.

Every time we get in the car on our way to soccer, Landon asks "did you bring a trail mix bar?" and I've learned to remember so I pull one out of my bag for him, and he says, "Ah, thanks Mom!" and I love that I found this little way to say I love you to this Landon that I love oh, so much!