Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome to October!

My favorite part of each new month is sitting at the kitchen counter with my box full of sharpies and my oversized newsprint paper pad to make a new calendar. Every once in a while I'll be tempted by some big fancy calendar. And for one month last year I decided maybe our fridge would be more beautiful without one of these... but without it,  I consistently forgot pretty much every appointment I had that month, so the clutter-free fridge disappeared and my happy little calendar returned.

(I can remember as a little girl making calendars, just for fun. And my big sister got a cute blank calendar template once that I photocopied again and again and used for years (and years and years! I still have some of those photo copies that I pull out every once in a while!) and somehow I never got frustrated with filling in all those dates...)

Our calendar is filled up so far with all the little things:

- Family home evening -- I wrote it out on the calendar this month, "Family Home Evening" instead of just FHE because I thought maybe if it filled up more of the space, I'd think about it more and spend more time making plans, etc. so it didn't end up so often as a quick, right-before-bed routine.

- Soccer -- we thought the season ended in September, but I'd misunderstood the schedule, so we still have a few more weeks of games :)

- Scouts for Landon and Scouts/Young Mens for Jordan

- Volunteering in Landon and Ellie's classes -- yay!

- Storytime/library time

Also on the calendar : General Conference this weekend, a trip to New York for Jordan, a happy anniversary (11 years!), Fall Break for the kids, Halloween and fun fall time activities, and  a temple trip to schedule.

I think October is maybe the most perfect month in Logan, and I'm excited to enjoy these beautiful Fall days!