Monday, October 19, 2015

Oh! Porter / Poor Owen!

In the last few months Porter has really gotten to be a little boy (and not our baby, though we still might call him that...) Along with that (and maybe just having the two little boys home together all day while Ellie and Landon are at school) but we've really started the name mix up with Owen and Porter.

(A side note -- my best friend in high school was the oldest of four girls, all with names beginning with "K", and her mom was constantly calling for one of the with "Kim, Karen, Katherine...Karisty!" It's nice to remember I'm not the only mother to mix up my children's names :)

With these two boys it turns out so funny as we start and then correct their names though -- Owen is frequently Por-Owen (poor Owen!) and Porter is commonly O-Porter (Oh! Porter!)

Yesterday, Ellie was tired or hurt and crying and Jordan said "Poor Ellie!" to which Porter quickly responded with a 'you're so silly' laugh "Not Poor Ellie! Por - ter! "