Thursday, September 13, 2018

A long-term typo

Years ago (five, six, seven?) I made a bunch of little notecards labeling words in Portuguese and taped them up all around the house. Over the years most of them fell down or were taken down, but a cozinha stayed up. And eventually, I got so attached to it that when it did fall down, I'd just tape it back up again. I'd thought every once in a while of making an actually cute little a cozinha sign to take it's place over the doorway to our kitchen. This morning, I was thinking again that the four layers of tape + wrinkled notecard didn't necessarily make the most lovely decoration, though I still loved it up there since it had grown so familiar. And then I noticed (five, six, seven years later...) that it was spelled wrong! The letters were all there but in the wrong order! How did I manage to see this sign every day for all these years and never notice this before? If it wasn't my own handwriting, my own layers of washi tape, I might think someone was playing a trick, but nope, I just really didn't notice this little typo I've looked at every day!