Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Summer Uniform

On a summer day hike (Smithfield Canyon I think)

The first few days of Summer break, I ended up reaching for the same thing each day as I was getting ready - white t-shirts and jean shorts.  After a week or two, I decided to stick with it and ordered some more of my favorite tees. (This was obviously not a fancy uniform, but just fine for my days at home and adventuring with my family)

And I just wore that same thing every day, all summer long! (Except a couple times when I got behind on laundry, or camping trips, or church :)

And it was great! The only thing was that as school started up again and I had to actually choose clothes again, I kind of just wanted to keep wearing the same thing still (and I have when we've had more summery  days!)

This may very well be one of those things that I look back and feel a little embarrassed about (like my favorite 7th grade outfit: turquoise shorts + hot pink shirt + one tall turquoise sock + one tall hot pink sock... I can still remember my middle school p.e. teacher making some kind of comment 'Debbie, nice... socks?!") Also, when Ellie started to pick out her outfits to match mine, I wondered if this was maybe a little too silly?

But really, it brought me a strange amount of happiness this summer.

 The best parts --
+ I didn't have to decide what to wear every morning! (And summer's always tricky for me in that way, because I want to look like I'm not just rolling out of bed, but I also want to be able to go out on a walk or bike ride and not die of heat...) And something about not having to ever think about 'what do I feel like today' as I got ready in the morning was just so freeing/refreshing/great.
+ I never felt tempted to go shopping because all I needed were my cut-off shorts and my Target tees.
+ We had two little trips (one for a week to Montana and some other weekend thing I can't remember off the top of my head...) and packing was so simple! (Again, not having to think ahead of 'what will I be doing? what will I feel like wearing?)

So hooray for a funny summer experiment that turned out so happily!