Thursday, September 6, 2018

Ten years!

Sometimes when we talk to the kids about 'when they were little', I'll tell them about when Landon was a baby and toddler, and Dad used to leave in the morning for work and we'd sing a song and wave to him out the window as he'd leave, and then it would just be me and Landon at home all through the day. And this little story feels so funny and different to all of them, because they've all grown up with Jordan just working in his office here at home. (It was only a few years ago when we were talking about rush-hour traffic one day with Ellie and she was a little confused because she didn't understand that people usually left their homes to go to work each day!)

I have this very clear memory of being at April's house(just over 10 years ago!), playing with Landon in her living room while Jordan sat at the dining table working on a take-home assignment from a job interview he'd just done.  And I was telling him something like, 'There is no way we're going to move to New York City, so why worry about finishing the project?" But he did finish it, and then they decided to try out letting him work from home (though they flew our whole family out to NYC with hopes of convincing us to move I think!) and then it was working great and kept on working great and here we still are!

(He stayed with Animoto for 6 years, then Bonobos in NYC,  LostMyName/Wonderbly in London, and now we're back to NYC with TeachersPayTeachers)

We both have felt so very grateful for the work he's been able to do for these really great places. And it has been so fun to have this little New York City part of our lives too for all these years now (plus a couple years of London in the middle!) I love that our kids have grown up with the little bit of New York mixed in with their Logan memories.  And it has been such a great thing for our family to have Jordan home with us all these days for all these years too!

Some fun NYC snapshots over the years  --

September 2008 -- Jordan & Landon at the Central Park Zoo

October 2009 -- Landon and Ellie playing at our NYC rental apartment

July 2010 -- Jordan, Landon & Ellie at Top of the Rock Observation deck
December 2010: Jordan, April & Nathan in Times Square
December 2012: A google hangout screenshot with Jordan at the Washington Square hotel. Whenever he'd travel on his own, he'd stay here. And whenever we'd talk, those famous actresses/actors would be his background :) He's had lots of solo trips like these over the years!

December 2011: Me, Landon, Ellie & Owen on a Sunday walk with Jordan in Central Park (+ testing out these wrist straps I had made to use in subway stations or crazy busy spots -- It looks pretty silly to me now, but I know I was pretty scared about keeping these kiddos safe when I was on my own!)

December 2013: April, Jordan, Landon Ellie, Owen & Porter (in the pack, warm inside Jordan's coat!) watching the Christmas light show at Saks 5th Avenue by Rockefeller Square
April 2015: Jordan, Landon, Ellie, Owen & Isaac at church/Manhattan temple